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The garage door is one of the most important finishing elements in a building. It must be functional, resistant and in harmony with the façade. Our garage doors meet all these requirements.

Our offer includes: sectional garage doors, roll-up garage doors and side entrance doors.

Sectional garage doors

The opening mechanism leaves maximum space for parking inside the garage or in front of the door. The almost limitless finishing possibilities allow you to create innovative and unique solutions.

Sectional garage doors can be adapted to different garage types and opening widths - even to two-car garages. High-quality workmanship guarantees users comfort, safety and ease of use, as well as excellent thermal insulation.

Roller garage doors

Garage doors rewindable is a solution for mounting the door in garages where maximum ceiling space is required, particularly in non-standard garages and technical rooms.

The door opens by sliding vertically upwards, and the rolled-up curtain is located in the housing on the outside (RGZ) or inside (RGW) of the garage above the opening.


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